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Drop Dead Dangerous is a musical force that has taken the continental United States and the Caribbean by storm. A band full of songwriters that intertwine addicting melodies with honest, passionate lyrics, they are described by their loyal following to be among the best in the business.


Kitty Steadman is the lead singer and guitar player that combines a magnificent voice with a party hard attitude that has brought fans all over the country to their feet. 


Melanie Howe, also commonly known as, “The Djembabe,” fills the pocket with grooves and percussive magic that can only be found on the Drop Dead Dangerous stage. 


The Drop Dead Dangerous harmonies sound as if the two women have been singing together their whole lives. They joined forces in autumn of 2015 to not only tour and spread their brand of music, but to change the southern rock and country landscape.


In 2016, the band released their first album, “Drop Dead Live,” which also featured regular band mates and fellow songwriters JD Edge and Paul Wray. In 2018, they added Larry Dunsmore to the mix for their sophomore release and first studio album “Roadside Attraction.” 


The incredible sound of Drop Dead Dangerous can be heard in night clubs, festivals, beach bars, and honky-tonks all over the country as they travel thousands of miles to bring the party and put on one hell of a show.


Drop Dead Dangerous music can be purchased at any show, or downloaded and streamed on any of the popular streaming and music sites.


The band is endorsed by: Vater Drumsticks, 64 Audio, Remo Drumheads, Sabian Cymbals, Gon Bops Percussion and Breedlove Guitars.


Be prepared for a wild ride of original music and powerful entertainment when you catch one of their shows, and be warned… This could get DANGEROUS.

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